Dragon Full Melt Hash


Dragon Full Melt Hash

Buy Dragon Full Melt Hash Online Europe. Bubble Press Hash. This is a rather unique hash. It is made in the Kootenays with the full melt, but this batch was crossed with Bubble Hash. It is therefore a full melt/bubble hash hybrid. The texture is a mix of both…it’s a very smooth high that’s great for daytime smoking. It won’t stun you, but rather give a slight buzz from your toes to your head. The dark brown color will turn almost black once the brick has been portioned, so expect a slightly darker piece to arrive. the nose is difficult to position, it is more delicate than the other full melts we have in stock and a bit more earthy. shop for a high-quality hash that’s new and not just new to you, then try this worthwhile full-melt hybrid bubble!


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