Gelato x Do-si-Dos Full Melt Hash


Gelato x Do-si-Dos Full Melt Hash

Buy Gelato x Do-si-Dos Full Melt Hash Online Europe. Powerful and aromatic, the new range of full melt hashish is intended for serious smokers! The full-melt process maximizes the THC-rich trichomes and uses them in the hash-making process to capture the aroma that the full-melt hash seems to smell the best of any other strain. This hash is beautiful, not just in smell, but it also looks like the brown color is free of vegetable matter, it’s soft and easy to work with. Slightly greasy, this stuff really burns! Gelato (Hybrid) crossed with DoSiDos (Indica) takes a body-numbing experience to a whole new level. It’s not a breathtaking strain, but it will make you feel tired, happy, and tired. A great choice for a night out…try it now!


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