Master Kush Hash


Master Kush Hash

Buy Master Kush Hash online Europe. What’s in a name? If you love hash and appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry it takes to make the best home hash, then there’s a lot in a name. Now add Master Kush and there are standards to be met!… turns out they were looking for something 🙂 This is a creamy, flavorful hash the guys at Tegrity Farms can be proud of! A deliciously on-trend Indica hybrid that is a cross of two Hindu Kush strains with a spicy diesel citrus aroma that is subtly sweet and earthy. Expect a deep sense of calm and relief from pain and stress. Smokers who don’t smoke hash in the office also love the aroma. The high is instantaneous and the effect is deeply relaxing with euphoria in the mind that leads directly to couch lock and drowsiness if you smoke too much.


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